Best Oppo Reno Tips & Tricks You Should Try Now

The Oppo Reno 8 phone looks nice. The screen shows pretty colors. The phone works fast too. It can charge up quick. You can set up the phone just how you like. Change the home screen and icons to be fun.

The phone has good features to use one-handed. And keep your stuff private. To use your new phone fully, learn all its best tricks. Here are some helpful ideas.

Seeing and Designing Your Phone

You can make the big, colorful screen on your Reno 8 phone look how you want. Turn on the Always On Display to see the time without waking the phone up. Edge Lighting makes cool lights flash along the curved screen edges when you get notifications.

Using Dark Mode makes screen backgrounds very dark. This helps some people’s eyes feel better. You can pick icon shapes and sizes you think look fun. The phone can match theme colors to photos you pick for the background.

Even though the screen is big, you can use One Handed Mode to move things at the bottom where it’s easy to reach. Or use gestures like double tap or swipe down to reach stuff at the top. When watching videos, turn on Video Color Boost. This makes the already nice screen look even more colorful and vivid.

Oppo Reno8

Speed and Battery Life

Use High Performance mode when playing games or using multiple apps. This makes your phone run faster and smoother, but uses more battery power.

The big battery charges crazy fast with 80W SUPERVOOC charging. To save battery life, you can use Dark Mode, lower the screen brightness, or turn on battery saver options. Also Reno 8 phone turn on Dual Channel to have WiFi and mobile data work together for faster browsing.

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Using the Cameras and Video

Try fun shooting modes like Dual View to use the front and back cameras at the same time. You can blur backgrounds in videos too. Film Mode lets you make cool, artistic videos with different color looks. Slow Motion mode shoots very smooth, detailed slow motion videos.

Turn on High Pixel mode to use the full 50MP camera resolution and get super clear, vivid photos. The tiny macro lens camera makes small stuff look huge and fun. It’s neat!

Video calling looks better by turning on Beautification mode. This makes your skin nice and smooth. You can adjust the lighting and effects to look how you want.

Change Pro camera settings like sound, gridlines, and level indicator to match how you take photos. Also set Volume Buttons, Touch & Hold Shutter and Tilt-Shift Sensitivity to be comfortable.

Reno8 Battery Capacity

Safety and Privacy

Personalize phone unlocking with fun Fingerprint animations. Make it joyful each time you wake the phone or check notifications. Use App Lock to guard chosen apps with fingerprint or passcodes. Private Safe encrypted folder keeps files and photos hidden.

Hide Apps removes chosen apps from your home screen and app drawer. This keeps sensitive stuff like banking and social media out of sight from others.

Check the Privacy Dashboard to see what access every app has. Instantly turn off location, microphone, contacts and other access if they don’t really need it. Stay in charge of what apps can use.

Phone Software Features

Make Parallel clones of apps like social media or messaging. App Cloner lets you easily switch between separate accounts without logging in and out repeatedly. You can also move info between different profiles.

Customize the Quick Settings panel with your most used toggles for easy access. Also change notification behavior, status bar icons and more under Notification & Status Bar settings.

Use Floating Windows to minimize apps into small moveable overlays. This lets you interact with them while working on other screens. You don’t have to constantly switch between full-sized app windows.

One-handed mode shrinks the screen size to improve reach with just one hand. You can also add an Assistive Ball for customizable taps and gestures to quickly get notifications, go home, take screenshots and more.

Oppo Reno Feature


Use WiFi Tethering to share your phone’s mobile internet with other devices like laptops through a created WiFi hotspot. With WiFi Calling, make calls over WiFi networks to save cellular data and get clearer audio.

Watch movies, play online games, and more without buffering thanks to fast 5G connectivity. Top speeds let you do more online in the future as networks expand.

Tips for New Users

Start by setting up the home screen just how you like, with widgets, shortcuts and an app drawer. Make icons and text sizes nice for one-handed use. Set up fingerprint or face unlocking to quickly access your phone.

Game Space pops up automatically when you play games. It blocks notifications for interruption-free fun and optimizes phone performance. Learn everyday features like capturing screenshots, using the cameras, and more right away to easily do basic tasks.

Final Thoughts

Using these tips helps you fully experience everything your Reno 8 phone can do. Changing the screen visuals, security options, and interface to suit you boosts enjoyment daily.

With extensive ways to customize the display, layout, security and more, Reno 8 owners can personalize their phone just right. Unlocking all the ways to tailor your phone enables smooth, efficient use that fits your needs.

The Reno 8 has great hardware and lots of customization at a good price. I recommend new and experienced users take time to explore the personalization options for the best experience.

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