Losing Instagram followers and how to fix it

As a Instagram user everyone want to gain the Losing Instagram followers. But unfortunately a several times we gonna do the mistakes regarding it. So as a bad outcome we lost followers.

So the question is regarding the Instagram “ What are the mistakes and how to fix it ? “

Don’t worry today in this article regarding this topic we explained the mistakes together with provided the solutions regarding this problem. Your work is just read the article carefully along with follow the methods which are given in this article.

  • Not regular posting on your Instagram account.
  • Not enough conversations with followers.
  • Not focusing on your active followers.
  • A Non Existent Bio on your Instagram account’s profile.
  • Make not use of hastags regarding your posts.
  • Being extremely Promotional on Instagram.

Not regular posting on your Instagram followers account.

For your Instagram followers if you are not regular then regarding your posts your followers cannot take it seriously. As a Instagram user if you post when you want to promote something along with if you cannot connected with your followers. Then as a result, you lose your followers.

If you are not regular on your Instagram account and post something once or twice in a week. Then my friend it isn’t the best strategy for you to keep your followers engaged with you.

If you only think for yourself and don’t think for your Instagram followers then it’s hurt them. If you give something special along with constant for your followers then they also show up regarding you.

Instagram algorithms

In addition if you not regular regarding your Instagram followers then as a outcome it’s only hurt them and the bond between you and your followers have a tendency to not lasted along with you lost your followers on your Instagram account.

If you not regular on your Instagram account and post once or twice in a week. Then your inconstantly postings instruct the Instagram algorithm directed towards not make visible your posts on your followers feeds.

After days by day if you not regular on your Instagram account then your followers lose the interest on you and engage with other persons content.

As a result this will have have a tendency to instruct your followers algorithm to show less contents regarding yours. Also your posts will rarely visible on your followers feeds.

In fact the point is , Why should someone follow you if you not regular for your Instagram followers.

Try this method

I know it is impossible to post everyday on your Instagram account together with stay active every day. To solve this problem you make a timetable which you can follow regarding your Instagram posts.

It can help you regular regarding your Instagram posts and your followers will know the proper time regarding your posts. So as a outcome you cannot lost your followers together with the chances regarding your posts that stay on your followers algorithm.

Not enough conversation with followers

Conversation played a major role regarding this topic. If you not interact with your followers then you made the mistake.

If you just waited for your followers that they come to you and make the conversation then it takes too much time.

On Instagram interact with people together with introduced yourself played a major role to gain followers on your Instagram account. So regarding this topic conversation played a major role.

On Instagram always try to make conversations with your followers together with the other people. As a outcome you gain more followers on your Instagram account.

Try this method

In a day spends 10-20 minutes to like other peoples posts along with leaving comments. Always use the popular hastags (#) that you can use to catch your followers regarding your posts .

Not focusing on your active followers.

On Instagram regarding your posts if you lose your active followers.

Then the reason is simple because those active followers are not interested on your posts which are posted on your Instagram account.

For example , On Instagram if you posting without intentions and directions just anything that you want then you lose your active followers because the active followers are not interested on it.

If you want to gain the followers then gives yours Instagram posts a direction together with the right intentions and always focused on that what your followers want to see.

Try this method

Regarding this problem the solution is simple.

To gain the followers and the response regarding your Instagram posts at first find out what they want also try to interact with them so you can easily figure out that needed things that you included on your Instagram posts.

A Non Existent Bio on your Instagram account’s profile

On your Instagram account’s profile bio plays a major role. If you not set th proper bio then it becomes your disadvantage along with not created the impression on your Instagram account’s profile.

So set a proper Bio that can hep out your Instagram account to impress other people also regarding your followers.

In a short explanation Bio is the short sentence or group of words that can describe yourself along with create a impression which can help you to gain followers with regard to your Instagram account.

Significance of Bio on your Instagram account

On Instagram Bio also help out you along with your followers that which type content have a tendency to you create. If you don’t give a Bio or can’t describe yourself on your Instagram account’s profile , as a outcome they did not regarding you anything and also they lose interest on you.

So you lose your followers on your Instagram account. To gain followers first set a proper bio that can describe yourself regarding your contents on your account.

Try this method

On your Instagram account’s profile at first set a genuine bio. For a example , go on your Instagram account then go to the Bio section and then describe yourself just like, regarding your posts etc.

Make not use of hastags regarding your posts

On Instagram regarding a post hastags played a major role. If you create a post and make use of the right hastags then the people who are active ion Instagram by use of the hastags they can easily reached out to your posts.

Importance of Hastags (#)

For this, first you know the best and popular hastags for your Instagram posts. So by the us of the hastags people can easily find out your posts and you can easily your post’s like along with your account’s followers.

In a simple explanation hastags are those words that you can us for your Instagram account’s posts and that help you to reached your posts to other people. hastags also keep a content organized and noticeable.

Try this method

For your Instagram account’s posts hastags played a major role. Use the popular hastags so that you can use to reached out the content to other people. But to find out best and popular hastags regarding your content at first research on it.

Being extremely Promotional on Instagram

Regarding the each and every social media if we focus on the on the connections. Then it is more beneficial for us.

For that the reason is simple , On Instagram and other social platform our posts along with conversation create a connection between us. But if we focused too much promotions then the people who follow us lost their interest.

So the advice is at first make the connection between you and your followers make better along with always avoid too much promotions.

Try this method

Regarding the promotional topic i suggested you that promoted those things that can beneficial for your followers. So as a result the connection you and your followers build better . For a example : promotions books and also the health related topics.

Final Words

So at last i am gonna said that if you follow these simple methods. Then the problems regarding the losing follower on Instagram have a tendency to solved.

Still something in my mind that i share with you, after follow the steps if you lose your follower then don’t be depressed. Because if your main purpose is to help people through your posts .

If they don’t get the things on your posts then it is normal they can unfollow you on Instagram. But the main thing is build a connection between you and your followers.

Also i suggested you don’t focus on the number of your followers for the reason is that if you had the quality rather then the quantity of your followers then focus on your active followers also make conversation with them. If the people unfollow your account always not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s help you to find out your loyal followers.

Regarding this topic in this article explained each and everything that you want to know. I hope you understand it.

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