Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers And How To Fix It

Getting more Instagram followers takes time and effort. So it can feel bad if your follower number starts going down after working hard. Many people see their Instagram followers drop even if they post good stuff and try to connect with others.

Having lots of engaged followers on Instagram is very good for brands. It helps get awareness, make more sales, and grow influence. But when you lose followers, all that gets harder. Less reach and visibility make your Instagram marketing goals tougher.

The good news is people usually unfollow for a reason. By knowing why, you can fix it and get more followers again. Getting back on track means understanding why followers stop engaging or losing Instagram followers.

Some followers will stop following as their interests change. But big drops can mean bigger problems to fix in your Instagram strategy and posts.

Losing Instagram Followers

You Bought Followers on Instagram

Buying followers can seem like a quick way to get more Instagram followers. But most times these accounts are fake. As Instagram finds and removes them, your follower number drops fast. Having more bots does not really help since they do not interact for real. Why my followers are not increasing on Instagram.

The best thing is to fully stop buying followers or likes on Instagram. Growing a real audience takes more time and effort. But real followers who like your brand can help awareness and sales more.

One fix is to go through your followers list and remove the likely fake accounts – like ones with no posts or pictures. Taking out old fake followers can help stop the dropping number.

It’s tempting to buy followers when your account stalls. But fake growth always backfires over time and hurts your account.

In short, buying Instagram followers or likes damages your account later on. Just focus on real, quality content and community.

Buy Instagram Follower

Using Follow/Unfollow Schemes

Some people use Instagram tricks to follow many accounts, then unfollow them once they follow back. The goal is to quickly boost your own followers. But people dislike realizing you used this “follow/unfollow” method – it seems fake.

These short-term new followers probably won’t engage much or care about your brand. After the unfollow, they no longer actively view your content. So the extra followers don’t really help.

Instead of schemes, try real Instagram growth by building relationships. Optimizing your profile, using good hashtags, and running creative contests help get true interested followers, Otherwise no followers Instagram

Basically, follow/unfollow tricks only temporarily boost followers. Long-term legitimate growth comes from giving value to engaged people.

Using Automated Likes and Comments

Using bots to auto-deliver Instagram likes and comments seems an easy engagement booster. But most people quickly spot the generic, repeated reactions as fake.

Such random automation also breaks Instagram’s rules, risking account penalties. It’s best to avoid services promising automated interactions.

Of course, manually engaging with followers’ content takes way more time. But those real connections are vital for keeping loyal, invested followers long-term.

If you want to automate some Instagram actions, use only official tools like ManyChat. But still focus more on personal human touch.

Basically, auto-likes and comments lose follower trust over time. Unique manual interactions have much more positive impact.

Automated Likes and Comments

Posting Inconsistent Content

Posting new stuff steadily helps followers know when to expect your posts. Going a long time between posts makes your content less visible as Instagram shows it to fewer followers.

Gaps between posts also means people see other stuff in their feed instead. Over time their preferences shift away from your brand.

Having a reliable schedule signals Instagram to keep showing your posts for more visibility and discovers.

Choose a posting pace – daily, a few times a week, monthly etc based on your resources. Then stick to this schedule consistently.

Basically, inconsistent posting confuses followers and Instagram, indirectly causing more unfollows. A steady pace aligned to audience needs boosts keeping followers..

Focusing on the Wrong Audience

Even great Instagram posts go ignored if aimed at the wrong viewers. When posts offer little value to their interests, existing followers tune out and may unfollow.

Prevent this by evaluating if content truly fits your core niche. Ask continually: “Would my ideal users care about this? Does it address their needs?” Posts missing the mark likely encourage exiting.

Actively find popular hashtags your perfect audience uses to discover accounts. Interact there emphasizing your shared focuses and industry values.

Basically mismatching good posts to disinterested people indirectly promotes unfollowing. Carefully target content to retain your distinct viewers.

Posting Too Much Promotional Content

Having lots of sales posts grabs attention but also frustrates audiences wanting more helpful or fun content. Too many pitches signal brands overlooking real needs for messaging. But followers want relevant value, not just transactions. They’ll unfollow off-target sales posts fast.

Carefully balance promotional stuff alongside actually valuable content serving your audience well. Only occasionally feature key branded content without it dominating.

When suitable, use organic partnerships containing your brand subtly. This helps avoid seeming over-salesy.

In short, overly pushing sales indirectly damages engagement long-term by not building relationships through helpful content keeping followers.

Pitching too aggressively hurts brand trust and authority over time. Integrate it naturally with audience-serving posts instead.

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Offering Low-Value Content

Posting low-quality or repetitive stuff lacks helpful info, fun, or inspiration. This causes followers to stop engaging over time from boredom. With unlimited good options to fill feeds, viewers quickly leave accounts underdelivering.

Combat losing followers by focusing more on memorable, meaningful content over continually churning out posts. Carefully refine each post to ensure it provides clear value fitting audience needs before publishing.

Evolving platform priorities also impact this, with formats like Reels now showing popular engaging video more. Regularly try emerging content styles favored by changing audiences.

Basically, low-value content signals creators aren’t invested in serving audiences well. Followers tune out when posts fail expectations.

Using Poor Instagram Captions

Compelling images attract initial Instagram interest, but boring captions fail to drive more engagement. Without intriguing narratives or clear calls-to-action, content reaches fewer people and risks losing followers.

Embracing creative caption writing like an entertainment producer is hugely impactful. Use quotes, questions, humor etc to make each post’s comments a fun community hub followers want to keep checking.

Ask fun questions to spark conversation, challenge people to tag friends, kickstart playful debates comparing options. Compel responses through controversy, lists, or superlatives celebrating fans.

Basically, boring captions fail to convert single viewers into ongoing engaged followers through relationship building. Put more creative effort into captions to retain audiences.

Facing Audience and Industry Shifts

As people’s interests change over time, natural audience shifts gradually reshape followings across sites and platforms. Formerly passionate food photographers may later shift towards family content once they have kids, for example.

Broader explosive growth like TikTok also pulls attention, engagement, and followers away from staples like Instagram – especially younger groups like Gen Z less loyal to individual apps.

Proactively evolve content strategies to sustain relevance as preferences morph. Balance staple content with new formats, topics, and partnerships fitting rising preferences and ages.

Especially emphasize tactics skewing younger – like Reels challenges or influencer co-creations – to pull Gen Z eyes back towards feeds. Meet their changing expectations rather than rely purely on past approaches.

Basically occasional follower loss is expected amidst external platform and audience changes. But savvy content pivots sustaining relevance help minimize decline rates by pulling in new viewers as some leave.

Losing Fake and Bot Accounts

As part of enforcing policies, Instagram often mass deletes fake accounts and bots breaking rules. Such sudden batch removals significantly drop follower counts for many brands and creators.

This decreasing differs from active audience loss in that Instagram actions, not your content issues or mistakes, caused it. Still, seeing sudden major drops stings for those focused on growth numbers.

Rather than feel discouraged by site deletions, shift mindsets towards metrics showcasing your real human audience relationships. Craft ever-more compelling content creatively meeting genuine follower needs and interests.

Basically losing swaths of bots and fakes may damage raw follower totals. But reducing visibility of meaningless inflated numbers refocuses platform success on actual audience connections.


Losing Instagram followers happens somewhat regularly as interests change and accounts adapt. But major sudden drops or long-term downward shifts signal needing strategy reassessments.

Carefully monitoring follower counts using Insights while changing things identifies what adjustments trigger declines. Compare approaches before spikes to pinpoint and fix issues for losing Instagram followers.

Reigniting audience momentum requires refocusing on fundamentals like authentic engagement, meeting expectations consistently, and precise audience targeting. Double down on strengths sustaining early success while innovating necessary new formats.

Remember losing some site visitors is expected amidst endless competing options. But savvy content and interaction improvements regain followers while forging even deeper loyal relationships.

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