How to Create a Group on Instagram (Quickly) on Android

On Instagram, you can talk to many friends at one time in a group. Making a group helps you send messages to lots of people without writing each person their own message. Let me show you how to make your own Instagram group!

First, get the new Instagram app on your phone or tablet. You need the app to make groups. Open the app and tap the paper airplane. This takes you to Direct Messages where you can start a new group. Here, pick the friends to add to the group. You can also search to find people. When your friends are added, give the group a name. Now you can all chat together!

You can make your group either public or private. Public groups let anyone on Instagram see the messages and join without asking. Private groups need the admin to approve new members. Only members can read messages. If you make a public group, you can change it to private later in the settings.

After you make your group, tap on the name at the top to open settings. Here you can add more friends, turn off notifications, leave the group or make someone an admin. Admins can update the settings.

Make a Group Chat

Settings for the Group

Once you make a group on Instagram, you can manage settings under “See Group Members”. Here you can add or remove people, quiet notifications, leave the group chat, and more. If it’s a private group, you as the admin can approve when people ask to join.

Adding more friends to your Instagram group is easy. Open the chat, tap the name on top, then tap “See Group Members”. Next tap the plus sign to pick people to add or search their usernames. To remove someone, tap the three dots by their name and pick “Remove User”.

Admin Controls

Since you started the Instagram group, you have special controls as the admin. You can add new members without approval, take out any member, make a join link, make other people admins too, and remove admin status. Manage these under the member menu.

Quiet Notifications

If your Instagram group gets noisy with too many messages, you can mute notifications. This way you won’t get alerted for every new message. To mute, open the chat, tap the name on top, then tap “Mute Messages“. You won’t get notifications but can still participate.

Group Setting

Sending Messages & Sharing

You can send text messages in Instagram groups like in regular DM’s. You can also share photos, videos, GIFs, documents, contacts, and use fun stickers or drawing tools – anything you can send in normal messages works for groups too!

It’s good to keep messages related to the group topic so you don’t spam people. Also be careful who is in the group before sending, since every member can view chat history. You can delete messages but people will have already seen them.

To remove a message you sent, press and hold the message bubble then tap “Unsend Message”. This makes the message go away for all members of the chat.

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Video Calls with the Group

On Instagram, you can video chat with your whole group. This lets you see up to 32 friends at once. To start a group video call, open messages and tap the video icon at the top right.

To start a group video, open your Instagram messages and tap the video camera at top right. This sends a request to members online to join. When people accept, you’ll see their faces onscreen in tiles.

For video calls to work well, everyone needs good WiFi and an up-to-date phone or tablet. Older devices may have trouble with big video chats.

For best video calls, find a quiet place and prop up your phone so your hands are free. Let people know you may mute them if there’s loud background noise. Have patience as folks join in – it’s fun to see so many friends at once!

Video Call On Instagram Group

Size Limits for Groups

Right now, Instagram caps groups at 32 people. If you try adding more, you’ll get an error message. So here are some options if you need to message more:

One idea is make multiple smaller Instagram groups, dividing people by team or topic. Name chats something that fits each set.

Other Choices

If even multiple 32-person groups don’t meet your needs, try bigger options like WhatsApp or Telegram. Those let very large groups, without the caps that get in the way on business teams or communities.

More Small Groups

Instead of overwhelming one chat, make smaller Instagram groups around specific audiences. Then conversations can be more personalized. Just think before blasting messages to too many groups at once!

Fixing Issues

If an Instagram group has problems like harassment, spam, or privacy worries, you can leave the chat or delete it completely. To leave, open messages, tap the group name, and pick “Leave Chat”. Admins can also remove members causing issues.If you accidentally leave a group, another member can add you back so you rejoin. Since leaving removes your access, you’ll need someone still there to send a new invite link.

For serious rule-breaking like illegal or dangerous content, tap the group name and select “Report Group” so Instagram can review and take action.

Group Chat on Instagram

Final Words

As we learned here, Instagram groups make talking with multiple friends very easy. Making group chats around shared interests or circles, instead of one-on-one messages, saves so much time and headache.

We looked at how to start new groups, manage settings like adding people and notifications, and use admin controls. We also saw fun messaging tools to connect around creative posts.

I hope this gave you ideas to bring people together in Instagram groups for better conversations. Use this tool more to build stronger relationships beyond fragmented messages.

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