How To Increase Your Instagram Followers In 2024

Getting more people to follow you on Instagram can be tricky. But don’t worry, I’m here to help walk you through it step-by-step. With some simple tweaks and posting good stuff consistently, we can have your follower count growing in no time!

First things first, we need to spruce up your profile to reel people in. Add an eye-catching photo or logo and write an interesting bio about you or your business. Make it easy for folks to know what you’re all about from the second they land on your page.

Next up: post quality stuff that your target audience would like. Use fun filters and captions to spark engagement. Ask questions to get people commenting. And be sure to post frequently so you stay top of mind.

Interacting with similar accounts is also key. Like and thoughtfully comment on their posts to organically connect with their followers. Some will naturally check you out and smash that follow button if they like what they see.

See? With just a few simple tactics, you can grow your Instagram sans shady tactics. I’m rooting for your success! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Grow Your Instagram

Make Your Profile Stand Out

We need to make your Instagram profile shine to catch people’s eyes. Let’s start with your username – having it match your brand name makes you super easy to find and remember.

Next, add a nice logo pic and write a fun bio all about you! Share what makes you or your biz special to spark interest when new folks visit your page.

While we’re at it, switch your personal account to a business one under settings. This unlocks stats to see what posts your followers like. Very handy!

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Post Great Stuff People Love

Time to share quality content that makes fans smile! Mix up photo posts, Stories, Reels and Lives to keep everyone engaged.

Show off your vibe through captivating videos, images and captions. Entertain your audience instead of always pushing products.

And create a consistent hashtag and visual style all your own. This makes your posts distinctly YOU each time you share. People will start looking forward to your latest content!

Use Hashtags the Right Way

Mix popular tags with specific ones tailored to your followers. This expands your reach while connecting with interested people.

Also create a unique branded hashtag for user photos. Seeing their pics reposted drives engagement!

Local hashtags attract area followers who can potentially visit your biz. And fun trendy tags show off your personality.

Run Exciting Contests & Deals

Contests that make folks tag friends or take themed pics for entries are awesome for getting new followers and engagement!

Teaming up with similar brands on giveaways taps into their audiences too. More eyes on your biz.

Offer discounts, early products access, and shoutouts. This incentivizes people to participate and share for maximum entries.

Get Fans Involved

Hosting live videos and polls gets your followers engaged! Ask questions and run Q&As to highlight your fun personality too.

And save your top Stories as highlights on your profile so new visitors can discover your best stuff.

Partner with Influencers

Team up with accounts similar to yours that have lots of real followers. Strategic partnerships expand your reach!

Try Paid Ads

Optional Instagram ads put your posts in front of tons more people beyond just your followers. Accelerates awareness!

Post Often & Use Stats

Posting frequently instead of randomly builds loyalty so fans know when to expect your content.

Use analytics to see when your audience is most active and which posts do best. Make more like those!

Studying your competitors is smart too. See what engages folks in your niche for good ideas.

Monitoring all these metrics helps refine your approach for steady, real follower growth over time.

Instagram Follower Increase

Promote Your Instagram Everywhere

Be sure to link to your Instagram handle on your website, emails, and other social bios. Embed Insta feeds onsite to catch visitors’ attention!

Cross-promoting on TikTok and Facebook also taps into their big audiences. Print your handle on business cards and product packaging for maximum visibility.

Final Words

Remember – real Instagram growth happens gradually by providing value, not overnight spikes. Nurture your community!

Track followers gained/lost and engagement rates to see what posts resonate. Tweak your approach accordingly.

Focus first on attracting ideal, aligned advocates vs chasing big follower counts. Depth first, then scale!

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