How to Know Instagram Daily Limits 2024 (Follow, Likes etc)

Instagram has over 2 billion monthly users. This is why they have strict rules. The rules help Instagram work well for everyone.

If you break the rules, Instagram may restrict or ban your account. This means others may not see your posts. Or Instagram may stop you from using it for a day or more.

How much you can do on Instagram depends on your account. An older account with daily posts can do more. Instagram wants long-term, real accounts.

This guide explains Instagram’s key rules in 2024. We’ll cover limits on likes, comments, follows and posts. Our goal is to detail the lines not to cross. This helps you use Instagram without issues.

Instagram Daily Limits 2024

Instagram’s Limit on Likes and Comments

Instagram lets each person like 1,000 posts and make 200 comments per day. But your limits can change. Older accounts with more followers get more flexibility. New users have tighter rules as they build trust.

No matter your account, pace your actions. Keep likes under 60 per hour and comments under 30 per hour. That helps avoid issues. Also, do not make the same comments on one post. It can look strange. If you want more engagement, use Instagram proxy tools safely.

Proxies give new IPs to hide your identity. So the same IP does not like thousands of posts per day. That would signal automation. Instead, manually engage multiple accounts genuinely, not like bots. Focus on authenticity, not just numbers.

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Type of LimitSpecific Limit
Likes per day1,000 likes per day
Comments per day200 comments per day
Follows per day200 follows per day
Unfollows per day200 unfollows per day
Story length15 seconds max
Feed video length60 minutes max
Reels length90 seconds max
Stories per day100 Story posts per day
Caption length2,200 characters max
Bio length150 characters max
Hashtags per post30 hashtags max

Following and Unfollowing Rules

Instagram allows up to 200 follows and unfollows daily. You can combine them or split the numbers. 100 of each keeps it balanced. But do just 10 per hour to avoid problems.

If you follow then quickly unfollow lots of accounts, Instagram may see you as a bot. Gradually increase follows/unfollows week-to-week as you grow. Build at a steady pace.

New accounts under a few months old have extra limits, like 50-100 follows daily. That lets you organically gain followers over time, not quick spam blasts.

Use follower trackers to manually maintain follows/unfollows per the rules. Do not turn all control over to bots. Instagram‘s thresholds for acceptable behavior still fully stand.

Following And Unfollowing Rules

Rules Around Instagram Stories and Posts

Stories can be up to 15 seconds long. Feed videos up to 60 minutes. Reels up to 90 seconds. You can share up to 100 Story posts daily. No hard limits exist daily on feed photo/video posts.

But avoid flooding profiles with low-value Stories. Maintain frequency but add value, not spam. Also pace feed publishing for quality over quantity. Discipline respects fans.

Importantly, nudity, regulated goods, hate speech, etc. violate terms. This risks account suspension. Safety first.

Rules Around Direct Messages and Tags

You can send 50-80 direct messages daily to connect with others. But repeatedly messaging people who don’t follow back or duplicate texts may be seen as spam. Craft thoughtful, unique messages for real conversations.

When tagging profiles in posts, you can include up to 20 tags per post and 10 per Story. Only tag accounts directly relevant, not just for numbers. Too many overwhelms.

Rules also limit duplicate comments or spam links. Violations risk comments hidden and accounts banned. Know etiquette to avoid problems.

Carefully plan messaging and tags while monitoring performance. Consider gradual daily increases to organically grow. Avoid spikes that seem fake.

Limits on Captions and Bios

Captions allow up to 2,200 characters to optimize explanations and promotions. Test message lengths to maximize engagement. Balance brevity sometimes with detail other times.

Bios offer just 150 characters to convey identities and summaries. Be concise and impactful. The limit requires discipline to communicate necessary info.

Names can use 30 letters/numbers/symbols. Usernames allowing easy ID are limited to 30 characters.

Limits on Age

You must be 13 years old to sign up. Enabling under 13 access risks policy violations. But parents can monitor supervised child accounts.

Photo/Video Size Rules

Square images should be 1080 x 1080 pixels. Vertical portraits 1080 x 1350 pixels. Horizontal landscape 1080 x 608 pixels. Defined sizes enable fast processing.

Hashtag and Link Rules

Up to 30 hashtags per post spreads visibility. But research relevant niche tags, not just popular terms unrelated to your purpose.

Profiles only allow one live bio link. Link management tools like Linktree consolidate links under your URL.

Avoid banned hashtags. Hidden posts severely limit discovery. Check guidelines.

Limits on Deleting and Editing Posts

Pace post deletion carefully to avoid issues. Wiping lots fast can seem bot-driven or hiding banned content. Focus on quality over quantity to minimize later removals.

Frequently changing captions, tags also risks temporary locking as “fake”. Instead, invest time upfront proud to share as-is.

Note editing resets metrics – significantly updating photos/captions wipes view counters and analytics. Judiciously edit to preserve data guiding strategy.

Closely track deletion and alteration limits for remaining flexibility while staying compliant. This enables appropriate content planning.

Limits on Deleting and Editing Posts

Avoiding Bans Through Following Rules

Violation type/volume/frequency dictates risks. Minor one-offs get warnings. Repeated dangerous/illegal posts can justify permanent bans. Know severity levels.

Typically, bans range from 24 hours to a week if issues remain unresolved. But consistently violating policies over months despite warnings means longer blocks. Violations build records lowering tolerance.

Carefully review standards if facing issues to prevent recurrence. Audit account behaviors across all categories – posts, comments, follows, tags. Reform contradicting practices.

Appealing Bans

If banned, quickly appeal citing mistaken judgment or reasoning. Provide context on violations highlighting special situations contributing.

Backup Accounts

Businesses with complex posting risks can unintentionally cross lines at times. Backup accounts allow graceful transitions if issues surface.

Final Words

Understanding multifaceted rules around content, followers and engagement sustains strategic growth on a powerful platform.

Monitoring tools providing account activity, content analytics and policy alerts empower problem-avoidance. Track actions daily to catch overages before restrictions.

Expect evolving boundaries over time. Commit to fans through expression while respecting policies upholding credibility across the iconic app.

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