How to Hide Your Instagram Followers on Android And iPhone in 2024

Instagram lets you share photos and videos with friends. Many people use it! But sometimes you want to keep your follower list private.

Instagram does not let you hide followers. But you can try some tricks instead. Making your account private means only friends can see your followers. You can also remove followers you do not want to see your other followers. Blocking people keeps them from seeing anything about your profile.

Here we will walk through these ways to hide followers step-by-step. Thinking about the pros and cons of each method can help you pick the best one for your needs.

Hide Following & Followers

Making Your Account Private

Making your Instagram account private is a good way to hide your followers from people who don’t follow you. When your account is private, only your approved followers can see your posts, stories, and followers.

Here’s how you can make your account private: Go to your profile page Tap the menu icon (the three lines) Select Settings then Privacy then Account Privacy Turn on “Private Account” Tap “Change to Private Account” to confirm

While making your account private stops people who don’t follow you from seeing your followers, people who already follow you can still see your followers. Having a private account also means you have to approve each new follower request. Some people find this inconvenient. And some users think a private account makes it harder to get new followers.

If you only want to hide your followers from certain people, you can remove those followers directly instead.

Removing Followers

Instead of making your whole account private, you can remove followers you want to hide from one by one. When you remove a follower, they won’t be able to see your posts, stories, or followers anymore.

Here are the steps to remove a follower:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap Followers
  • Find the follower you want to remove
  • Tap Following next to their name
  • Tap Remove to confirm

Removing followers individually lets you target specific people. But repeatedly removing followers takes time. Losing a lot of followers may also reduce your overall follower count or the engagement on your posts. Still, it gives you more control over privacy than a fully private account.

Blocking certain followers is another more extreme option with its own pros and cons.

Instagram Account Private on iPhone

Blocking Users

Blocking a follower is the strongest way to hide your profile from them. When you block someone, they can no longer find or see your profile, posts, stories, or followers.

Here is how you block another user: Go to their profile Tap the menu (the three dots) Select Block Tap Block again to confirm

But blocking followers can reduce your follower count and post engagement. It can also upset followers if you do it without talking to them first. Unlike a private account, blocking can’t be undone easily – you have to manually unblock each user later if you change your mind.

Making your account private lets you hide some things while staying public and visible to new potential followers. Removing followers individually gives you more specific control. But blocking gives you the strongest protection against particular followers seeing anything about your profile.

Third-Party Apps

Some apps from other companies claim they can hide your Instagram followers or profile details. But these apps often don’t work as advertised. Even worse, they can put your account at risk for getting banned by Instagram for breaking rules.

For example, apps like “Hide Instagram Followers” offer paid subscriptions to supposedly be able to hide your followers list and stats from view. But hidden follower counts they create could disappear or stop working at any time. These apps also often sell or misuse your personal data in bad ways.

Instead of risking account bans, data leaks, or hacking, it’s smarter to use Instagram’s own privacy settings. While outside apps market quick fixes, they give you little real control and cause long-term problems.

Understanding Instagram’s privacy tools can help you best manage follower visibility. Let’s recap some key points around managing followers.

Pros and Cons

Hiding your Instagram followers can give you more privacy, reduce pressure about follower counts, and help you value yourself beyond just numbers. You have more say in who interacts with you and what they see.

But lowered visibility can also mean fewer likes and comments. Making your account private or removing followers takes extra time and effort. Blocking followers might permanently hurt those relationships. And workarounds only hide followers rather than completely stopping Instagram and Meta from tracking data about you.

A private profile hides your list from people who don’t follow you, but followers can still see it. Removing followers lets you choose specific people to hide from, but you have to do it manually for each one. Blocking fully stops certain people from accessing your profile, but can upset followers.

Thinking about these key pros and cons helps you decide the best approach based on what matters most to you around privacy versus visibility.

Why Hide Followers?

Hiding Instagram followers appeals to those wanting more say over their online identity. Keeping your follower count private reduces unwanted attention from strangers about how popular you seem. It also lessens pressure associated with watching follower growth and stats.

For some, lower follower numbers can falsely hurt their confidence and self-image. Hiding this metric avoids unhelpful comparisons with others online. People wanting to focus on authentic connections beyond just vanity numbers may limit what’s visible to focus more on connection quality over quantity.

Others simply want stronger general online privacy and sharing info only on a need-to-know basis. Segmenting followers aligns with maintaining professionalism by keeping some personal and professional content separate. Privacy settings give users more control over these kinds of decisions.

Key Takeaways

Instagram currently has no built-in feature to fully hide your followers list. But the available workarounds each offer benefits depending on your specific privacy priorities. Making your profile private, taking away individual followers, and blocking certain users can all restrict visibility.

Understanding what each approach means allows customizing privacy settings appropriately. While hiding followers has some potential downsides to consider, increased control over your profile can support mental wellbeing by reducing pressures connected to public follower counts. Weighing the pros and cons helps decide the best solutions around these delicate privacy decisions.

Review of Ways to Hide

Making your Instagram account private hides your followers from people who don’t follow you. But people who follow you can still see your followers. And you have to manually approve all new follower requests.

Removing followers individually stops specific people from viewing your profile and followers. But you have to remove each follower you want to block one by one.

Blocking followers gives the most access control, fully preventing someone from seeing your profile or posts at all. But blocking can permanently hurt relationships with those followers.

Understanding the details of these options can help you pick solutions tailored for your needs.

Choosing the Best Approach

Think about things like account type, desired visibility, ongoing effort and possible engagement impacts when deciding how to best hide followers. Personal accounts typically have more flexibility than business profiles.

Compare your preference for more privacy versus discoverability by new audiences. Repeatedly manually removing followers or approving requests can take significant time.

And hiding followers often relates to fewer likes, comments and shares on posts. But some find the benefits of more control worthwhile despite these trade-offs.

Looking into other Instagram privacy controls beyond followers can further help customize your ideal settings.

Extra Privacy Settings

Beyond followers, additional account settings help limit likes, views, comments and more. Tools like restrictions and filters allow managing who interacts with you and what they see.

Revisiting fundamentals around followers like making accounts private grants foundational control. But diving into more advanced preferences takes privacy further.

Balancing the pros, cons and options around hiding Instagram followers enables tailored solutions per individual priorities. Let’s recap key takeaways from our discussion so far.

Private Instagram Account

More Privacy Settings

Beyond followers, Instagram lets you control things like your activity status, like counts, video views, and comments. You can limit what others see around these engagement metrics.

Hiding your activity status stops followers from knowing when you last used Instagram. You can also privately save live videos and hide public like counts on your posts.

Bulk comment deletion lets you remove unwanted or inappropriate comments instead of individually. Comment filters automatically block comments with certain phrases or words you pick.

Combining these settings around follower visibility lets you customize privacy based on your personal boundaries and social media comfort zone.

Final Takeaways

No single solution for hiding Instagram followers is perfect for all needs. But learning about the available workarounds lets you tailor the right approach for your priorities.

Fundamentally, the goal is aligning the social media presence you want with deeper motivations around privacy and connections.

Often a layered strategy mixing private accounts, removed followers, blocked users and extra filters works best. Though increased privacy can mean less visibility, the knowledge, tools and power to better control your Instagram experience is in your hands.

As Instagram keeps rapidly changing, maintaining personalized privacy requires proactively re-evaluating the options that best fit your preferences. But the insight that your usage should match personal comfort levels rather than mass trends always applies.

Final Thoughts

As more people want more privacy controls, Instagram will likely keep adding settings around followers and access. Just as choices have already grown over time, built-in ways to hide followers may come in the future.

But increased public feedback to Instagram can also push them to launch better tools faster. Speaking up about specific features you want has a real impact on changes that get priority.

In the meantime, staying on top of using the configurations available now, continually rethinking what visibility you prefer, and mixing different approaches for maximum flexibility makes sense. Rather than wait for one perfect one-click solution, proactive learning and speaking out protects your privacy given today’s realities.

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