How To Hide Likes On Instagram Step By Step In 2024

Do you ever feel worried about Instagram likes? Many of us do. The focus on hearts and numbers causes stress. It stops real connections.

Instagram knows this. They tried taking away like counts. The goal was to get people to connect over shared interests, not just popularity.

Hiding your likes can reduce stress. The focus becomes building real bonds. How to hide likes on Instagram, You can post what matters to you.

Here we’ll cover hiding your likes. We’ll talk about controlling them on your feed and posts. We’ll also see the insights so you can track likes.

How To Hide Likes On Instagram

Hide Likes on Your Feed

Hiding likes on your Instagram feed lets you control what you see. You won’t see like counts on posts from people you follow. This can reduce stress from comparing yourself. With likes hidden, your feed becomes about quality, not numbers.

On mobile, you can hide feed likes in your profile under Settings > Privacy > Posts. Turn on “Hide Like and View Counts”. This hides all numbers on your home and Following feeds. You’ll just see “Liked by” names.

Hiding likes encourages you to focus on what interests you, not popularity. You can hide likes from certain friends or everyone.

Here’s a post with likes hidden. Instead of numbers, it shows “Liked by Linda art and others“:

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Hide Likes Before Posting

You can hide likes on your posts before publishing too. To do this, start making your post normally. But when adding a caption, go to Advanced Settings.

Here you can toggle “Hide like and view counts” before sharing. This helps if your post is personal or you want less focus on numbers.

Note that while you can hide likes on feed posts, Reels always show public counts.

Here’s an example post published already hiding likes:

Hide Likes Before Posting

Hide Old Likes

Want to hide likes on an old post? You can! Just select the three-dot menu on any post and choose Hide like count. This hides data after posting.

Unlike your feed, this lets you pick specific posts to hide likes on. Use it on old posts you’re less proud of now.

But comments and shares will still be visible. hide likes on Instagram just conceals the heart counts.

See the before and after where likes are hidden after publishing:

Hide Old Likes

Seeing Hidden Likes

Important: hiding likes doesn’t erase the data. While public can’t see them, you still can in Instagram Insights.

To view metrics, switch to a Business or Creator profile. Go to your profile and tap “Insights”. Check Content You Shared and tap posts to see likes per post.

Instagram Insights work, but tools like Sprout Social have more data like best times to post and competitive benchmarks.

The benefit of hiding public likes while privately seeing stats gives mental health help without losing performance touch.

Consider Before Hiding

Hiding likes has big mental health benefits. But downsides exist too depending on your goals.

Influencers and creators often depend on likes for brand deals. Losing the heart metric can hurt income.

Think about your audience and aims, ig likes, For teens, hiding is often better. If money relies on solid metrics, vanity counts still have value.

Focus more on comments and shares. But know the pros and cons before hiding.

More Privacy Controls

Beyond just likes, Instagram has lots of privacy controls to customize your experience.

You can hide public story view counts while still seeing private analytics. Limit reply options too.

When posting, consider turning off locations or comments as needed.

Close Friends lets you share with just a chosen circle, not all followers.

Make your account private and manually approve each new follower request.

Combining multiple adjustments balances engagement with controlling visibility.


Hiding likes can redefine your Instagram relationship. With less pressure from numbers, creative bonds can grow deeper.

Assess your usage – is the like focus causing more frustration than fun? Use these tools to declutter from the numbers game. Make Instagram match why you joined originally.

Start by hiding feed likes, customizing per post, seeing insights privately. Regain control over engagement. Stay aware of mental health.

Share authentically, nurture creativity. Optimize Instagram for you by hiding likes first. Then make space to connect over passions – that’s the reward.

Let numbers fade to the background. Bring human bonds front and center.

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