Best Way To Fix Oppo ColorOS Recovery Issues (2024)

The ColorOS recovery system helps Oppo phones. It can fix problems like bad updates or a slow phone. But sometimes the recovery system has problems too.

You may see your phone restarting over and over. Or the buttons might not work. Your phone could get stuck while booting up. You might not be able to exit recovery mode. Don’t worry! With some easy steps, you can usually fix recovery mode problems fast. Then your phone will work again.

Here we show you good ways to fix Oppo ColorOS recovery problems. Follow the steps to get your phone working right.

Oppo  Color OS Recovery

Entering ColorOS Recovery Mode

To enter recovery mode on your Oppo phone, first turn off your phone. Then, hold down the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time for a few seconds. Keep holding the buttons down after you see the Oppo logo. Then you will see the recovery menu.

If your phone is frozen and you can’t get to the settings, pressing these buttons is the only way to enter recovery mode.

In recovery mode, you will see some system options for fixing issues and maintenance. Be very careful here – choosing certain options like wiping data or resetting your phone to factory settings could make you lose all your data.

Exiting ColorOS Recovery Mode

To exit recovery mode normally, use the volume keys to pick the “Reboot system now” option. Choose it and confirm to restart your phone.

If that doesn’t work, you can force your phone to exit this mode by holding down the power button for 30-60 seconds until it turns off. Then turn it on again like normal.

For exact steps for your Oppo phone and ColorOS version, check the Oppo website.

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Restarting from ColorOS Recovery

To restart your phone and exit recovery mode, use the volume keys to pick “Reboot system now.” Choose it and tap Yes when it asks you.

If the menu doesn’t work, you can also restart your phone by holding down the power button for 30-60 seconds. This forces your phone to turn off. Then turn on your phone normally.

Your phone will restart itself a few times during this process. Do not press any keys or unplug it while it is restarting.

Restarting from recovery mode can fix crashes or other issues.

Wiping Cache  Opp  Phone

Wiping the Cache Partition

Wiping the cache partition clears cached data that can slow down your phone over time. This often fixes lag, freezing, or problems with the phone not responding.

To wipe the cache in recovery mode, use the volume keys to pick “Wipe cache partition.” Confirm by tapping Yes. It only takes a few seconds.

Wiping the cache typically makes your phone faster without erasing personal stuff. It’s not as extreme as resetting your phone to factory settings, which deletes everything.

After wiping the cache in recovery mode, restart your phone. See if that fixed the issues. If you still have problems, try wiping the cache again, then restart once more.

Resetting Your Phone

Before resetting your phone, please note it will erase all your stuff. So make backups of anything important first.

If you keep having issues like crashes or app problems after trying regular fixes, resetting your phone gives it a fresh start.

To reset your phone in recovery mode, use the volume keys to pick “Wipe data/Factory reset.” Confirm by tapping “Yes, delete all user data.” Wait for it to finish.

Installing Updates

You can manually install firmware and software updates from storage when you’re in recovery mode. This can fix issues if regular updates don’t work.

First, save the update file from your computer to your Oppo phone’s storage or memory card. Then in recovery mode, pick “Install update from storage” and select the file.

Note that some newer Oppo phones with ColorOS don’t have the install update option. Check your manual.

Using ADB/Fastboot

Developers can also install updates through ADB or Fastboot connected to a computer. But this is too complex for everyday users.

Be Careful

With ANY firmware or software updates in recovery mode, don’t disconnect or interrupt the install process before it finishes. That could break your phone.

Opp Phone  Android Software Update

Troubleshooting Tips

If you get stuck in recovery mode, first try restarting or turning your phone off and on again. After a few tries, the reboot option may start working.

Make sure the physical buttons aren’t broken or blocked by debris or a phone case. Test the buttons without any case on.

Different button combinations can access recovery mode on different Oppo phones. If volume down + power doesn’t work, try volume up + power.

Check the Oppo website to find recovery instructions for your model and software.


The main ways to fix ColorOS recovery problems are: wiping the cache, resetting your phone if needed, restarting with the menu or hardware buttons, trying to install updates again, and using button combos to enter recovery mode.

For more help, check out the Oppo website and your phone manual. Also be very careful with advanced recovery options so you don’t lose data or break your phone.

Use the ColorOS recovery tools carefully by following the steps. This powerful system can fix lots of phone issues and keep your Oppo working great.

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